Trevithick Learning Academy

Administering of medicines protocol


Administration of medicines

Medicines are administered with reference to and in accordance with the Department of Education document ‘Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions (December 2015).’


  • A pupil may only take medication if the parent/carer has given written permission and that it is essential it is taken during school hours e.g four times a day or if it would be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance not to do so.
  • Only prescribed medication provided by the parent/carer will be administered to the pupil.  Staff cannot administer non-prescribed medication unless agreed by the Principal/Head of School e.g Travel Sickness Tablets.  All necessary written permission including times and dosage must be provided by the parent/carer.  Prescribed medication MUST be in a secure and labelled container as originally dispensed.  Each item of medication must be clearly labelled with the following information:
      • Pupil’s name
      • Name of medication
      • Dosage
      • Frequency of administration
      • Date of dispensing
      • Storage requirements (if important)
      • Expiry date
  • The school will not accept items of medication in unlabelled containers or boxes.
  • ALL medication will be stored securely and in a fridge if appropriate.
  • Parents will deliver and collect all medication to school through reception (school office), who will then take responsibility of informing the relevant class teacher and handing the medication over.  NO medicines will be delivered or returned to pupils or placed in pupils’ book bags.  If a child is attending Breakfast Bar and/or Later@TLA (before and after-school care) then a supply of medicine will need to be kept in school for the course of the prescription.
  • Medicines MUST stay in their original containers and should be child proof.       Staff will check the permission slip and the medicine label to make sure they match before administering the medicine.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to make sure the medication is in date and that there is sufficient quantity in school and that it is renewed as necessary. Any unused medication MUST be collected by the parent/carer at the end of the course. Any medicine not collected within one week will be disposed of.
  • It is the parents/carers responsibility to inform school in writing of any change to the prescribed dosages of long term medication.
  • Children are NOT permitted to carry medication around with them with the exception of Asthma medication, providing the parent/carer has completed the ‘School Asthma Care Plan’ and is listed on the School Asthma Register.


Please complete the form below if your child needs medicine during school time.

Consent for the administration of medicine