Our children are prepared for a rapidly changing world through the use of up to the minute technology.

At Trevithick Learning Academy we continue to invest in the latest computing technology in order to enhance our pupil’s learning. We  have a fast wireless network across the site which means that the children can learn using technology anywhere within the school. All of our classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, Speaker Systems, Visualizers, and Digital Cameras. Our Nursery also has a Interactive Height Adjustable screen. Our Nursery children start their computing education using this screen and advance rapidly onto the traditional mouse and keyboard input approach. We try to give our pupils access to a broad range of technology, currently they have access to traditional Desktops/Laptops as well as Chromebooks and iPads/iPods. We hope that by offering differing technologies we are enabling the children to adapt to advances in technology.
Our pupils are taught Computing as an independent subject using a broad ranging curriculum. However we also try to embed ICT within other subjects. We use educational websites such as Google Apps, Teach Your Monster to Read and Accelerated Reader, (among others) to provide cross curricular links and anytime learning.
We cannot predict future advances in technology, but you can rest assured that your child will be prepared for those advances at Trevithick Learning Academy.

At Trevithick we follow the Switched on Computing scheme by Rising Stars and the Digital Citizenship scheme of work by Common Sense Media. Below are the areas covered from Year 1 to Year 6. The first Computing lesson of every half term is dedicated to Digital Citizenship, the remaining lessons are dedicated to Computing.

The Early Years classes also use Switched on Computing to assist their teaching of Computing. However for Digital Citizenship they use the following resources:

Digiduck’s Big Decision

Smartie the Penguin

Hector’s World