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PE Curriculum Overview

We breakdown our PE curriculum into key stages (KS) and then split KS2 into upper and lower due to the age range this KS includes. In KS1 we focus on the children’s fundamental abilities, these are often referred to as the ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination). The ABC’s cover the most important skills young children need to develop in order to progress onto more difficult skills later in their education. Throwing, catching, controlling their own body weight and moving efficiently in a variety of ways including jumping, twisting, rolling etc.

Once children move into lower KS2 the focus moves towards introducing children to a games key principles. We focus on a type of game per term i.e. Invasion Games, Net/Wall Games, Striking/Fielding games, Dance/Gymnastics and Athletics.  Instead of teaching a sport like football or netball, we use a range of sports to cover a topic, during our Invasion scheme of work we will use football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Netball & Basketball where necessary – the basic principles of attacking and defending remain particularly constant throughout all invasion team sports.

In Upper KS2 we aim to begin adjusting the children to particular sports so that they are ready for their future PE experiences at Secondary school. By this stage we would hope that they have acquired the basic skills (from KS1) and understanding (from lower KS2) to be able to successfully participate within a range of sports with confidence. Upper KS2 is also where leadership becomes more prominent, Year 6 children undertake a small leadership unit of work in autumn term which aims to identify children suitable of supporting our curriculum PE with KS1 and lower KS2 children.

*Year 3 swim throughout the entire year, alternating weekly between Trolls & Unicorns. This takes place on THURSDAYS at Carn Brea Leisure Centre, we return by approximately 3.30pm. The Year 3 class that does not swim will instead have PE with GoActive for the afternoon.

*Year 6 swim in Summer Term for 6 weeks after SAT’s in an attempt to ensure every child can swim 25m unaided when they leave.

PE Kit Policy & Expectations

Children are expected to have PE kit for all lessons. Their PE kit should consist on a red t-shirt and black shorts with plimsolls or trainers. We advise that children prepare for outdoor PE as we are limited on indoor space and try to get outside whenever possible, sometimes in cold, damp weather.

As some lessons may take part on the field with wet grass we ask that you make sure children have spare socks and shoes for PE to ensure they do not have to remain in wet footwear after their PE lesson.  We endeavour to inform children prior to an outdoor lesson if football boots and or shin pads might be necessary.

We allow coats, jumpers and sometimes gloves to be worn in colder weather so please ensure your child has clothing suitable for the weather. We will endeavour to let you know what activities your child will be doing in advance but trust that you understand changes might be made at the last minute due to available space, equipment and weather conditions.

We re understanding towards children forgetting their kit and will provide spare where ever possible to ensure they do not miss out on active opportunities. However, if children repeatedly forget their kit (in KS2) we will begin sanctions, including missing a morning break for example.  Letters are also sent out to children who forget kit regularly. If there is a reason why your child doesn’t have their kit on a particular day let us know – a letter or phone call would be greatly appreciated.

If possible, we advise children bring their kit into school on a Monday and it stays in school all week until going home on a Friday.

PE Assessment Policy

We assess children in PE across four strands – these are PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, THINKING AND HEALTHY. Our PE lessons try to encompass these strands but when we assess the children in these areas we also take into account their attitudes and behaviours around school. As an example, part of the healthy strand may relate to eating habits and children’s activity levels during break and lunch times, whilst the social aspect might relate to children’s ability to help others, encourage and maybe lead small groups etc.

Whilst our PE lessons focus fundamentally on the physical aspect of sport and exercise, acquiring and developing the skills and knowledge to take part in a variety of games and activities. Children’s knowledge and understanding of health and well-being has become more important in recent years due to the increase the UK has seen in obesity and diabetes for example, this is why we now focus on a more holistic approach to assessment. Children should feel confident that they can achieve in PE regardless of whether they enjoy or believe they are good at the traditional sports/activities we use.

The PE assessment policy follows the same ‘steps in learning’ approach as our other assessment policies and is completed/updated regularly by class teachers, PE coordinators and or our GoActive coaches.

PE Competition/Fixture Reports & Updates

At Trevithick we are extremely active within local competitions, we attend a variety of competitive and participatory events locally and County wide. Last year alone we entered 15 competitions, 10 participation events and 5 friendly festivals as well as running our own Inter-House football, Tag Rugby, Cross Country, Boccia & Netball competitions. We run our own end of Year sports days for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 to conclude our year of school sport. We also hosted an event called the Trevictus Games last May for children with additional learning needs and invited schools from across Cornwall to attend. We aim to keep you updated with all things sport and PE via our Twitter & Facebook pages in addition to Mr Reynolds weekly sports blog in our school newsletter.  J

It is really important parents and children let us know of any sporting activities or successes outside of school so we can celebrate them and keep you in mind when we have relevant competitions coming up. As the school in continually expanding it is easy to get overlooked and as a school we pride ourselves on offering all children opportunities to get active and represent Trevithick in any way possible.

Local Community Sports Club Links

At Trevithick we are working hard to forge links with local community sports clubs to ensure our children have the opportunity to find clubs they can take part in outside of school and hopefully build on the successes we have had at TLA! Children who participate in sports clubs outside of school display much higher fitness and skill levels compared to children who don’t, so we encourage everyone to get involved!!

We already have active links with Beacon Cricket Club, Lastonet Netball club, Carn Brea Leisure Centre, Trevenson Football Club, the TR14ers dance group, GoActive & PAFC Community Trust. Plans are already afoot to develop more active links with clubs such as Redruth Tennis Club, Bryne Black Belt Academy, Redruth Archery, Tehidy Golf Club & Phoenix Gymnastics!  These links may involve us going to these clubs to participate in activities, the clubs coming to us to run taster sessions, supporting our after school provisions or running a demonstration assembly.

You may see posters or flyers around school and we will be continually updating you on any local opportunities these sports clubs provide. If you’re involved with any local sporting clubs and would like to join Trevithick in offering our children more exciting opportunities then please get in touch. Similarly if you want information on a club we haven’t provided please let us know and we will find out for you if we can!

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