Physical Education

At Trevithick all children take part in a wide variety of competitive sport. Closely contested inter-house competitions take place throughout the year, culminating in a fantastic festival of sport in the Summer Term.

We are an active member of our local sports alliance and as such, participate in a huge number of inter-school events, often with considerable success.

Extra curricular sporting endeavours are shared and celebrated in school. Good links with local sports clubs help us promote physical activity outside of school.

Physical education is led by a specialist teacher. As a result, children will experience and acquire skills in a broad range of sports including football, netball, tag rugby, swimming, gymnastics, surfing, athletics, dance, skating and fencing. Quality skills tuition ensures pupils are well prepared and confident to take part in competition. Trevithick has won regional awards for it’s competetive sport provision.

We encourage children to adopt healthy lifestyles by fully funding swimming lessons in year three and buying fruit for all children to enjoy at breaktimes. Alongside these, we run fitness projects using individual step counters in KS2 classes throughout the year.

PE in KS1

We focus on the children’s fundamental abilities, these are often referred to as the ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination). The ABC’s cover the most important skills young children need to develop in order to progress onto more difficult skills later in their education. Throwing, catching, controlling their own body weight and moving efficiently in a variety of ways including jumping, twisting, rolling etc.

PE in KS2

Focus moves towards games. We focus on a type of game per term i.e. Invasion Games, Net/Wall Games, Striking/Fielding games, Dance/Gymnastics and Athletics. Instead of teaching a sport like football or netball, we use a range of sports to cover a topic, during our Invasion scheme of work we will use football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Netball & Basketball where necessary – the basic principles of attacking and defending remain particularly constant throughout all invasion team sports.

PE in Upper KS2

We aim to begin adjusting the children to particular sports so that they are ready for their future PE experiences at Secondary school. By this stage we would hope that they have acquired the basic skills (from KS1) and understanding (from lower KS2) to be able to successfully participate within a range of sports with confidence. Upper KS2 is also where leadership becomes more prominent, Year 6 children undertake a small leadership unit of work in autumn term which aims to identify children suitable of supporting our curriculum PE with KS1 and lower KS2 children.

Swimming provision

Year 3 swim throughout the entire year, alternating weekly between the two classes (Trolls & Unicorns) each week. We have found that children make more sustained progress by having an entire year swimming rather than just a half term each year. This takes place at Carn Brea Leisure Centre. Year 6 swim in Summer Term for 6 weeks after SATs in an attempt to ensure every child can swim 25m unaided when they leave. This provision is targeted towards struggling swimmers.

PE Kit Expectations

Children are expected to have PE kit for all lessons. Their PE kit should consist of:

  • a red t-shirt
  • black shorts
  • plimsolls or trainers.

We advise that children prepare for outdoor PE as we try to get outside whenever possible, sometimes in cold, damp weather.

PE Competition/Fixture Reports & Updates

At Trevithick we are extremely active within local competitions, we attend a variety of competitive and participatory events locally and County wide. We run our own end of Year sports days for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 to conclude our year of school sport. We also host an annual event called the Trevictus Games for children with additional learning needs and invite schools from across Cornwall to attend. We aim to keep you updated with all things sport and PE via our dedicated PE instagram page and our Facebook pages.

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