Special Educational Needs and / Or Disabilities (SEND)

“Staff at Trevithick Learning Academy use a solution focused approach with all children in the school. This pragmatic and positive approach draws on children’s strengths to help them seek their dreams, use their drive, acknowledge their duty and become dazzling members of our school community”.

The children of Trevithick Learning Academy are the life of our school, all decisions and developments are made with their well-being and success at the forefront of our minds. Some children find certain aspects of their learning challenging. Our Special Educational Needs policy is designed to support these children enabling them to overcome these hurdles and achieve the highest standards. We welcome all children to our school and will make every effort to adapt teaching and learning to support a child’s educational development. We have a skilled and dedicated staff who treat everyone as an individual and celebrate all achievements.

All classes are fully inclusive, support for children is determined by individual need and circumstances. We have high expectations for all our children and we aim to fully extend their academic and social development. Throughout their time at Trevithick Academy children may receive varying levels of support according to their changing needs and circumstances.

The SENDCOs takes day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the SEND policy and coordination of the provision made for individual children with SEND, working closely with staff, parents and carers, and other agencies. The SENDCOs also provide related professional guidance to colleagues with the aim of securing high quality teaching for children with SEN.

Nicola Garge (KS2) and Rebecca Hallett (EYFS & KS1) are our Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCo)

If you have concerns about your child:

It might be that you have concerns about your child’s progress or worry that they appear to be struggling more than they have in the past. In the first instance you should communicate your concerns to your child’s class teacher. We try to communicate with you at all times and teachers will speak to you if they are concerned your child is not making the anticipated progress.

If you are worried that your child is not happy, struggling to remember facts, always in trouble or not making progress in reading, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Nicola Garge.

If your child does need extra help you will receive an appointment to meet your child’s class teacher and school SENDCo to discuss what they find tricky and how we propose to help them. When required this is written down in a plan called an IEP (Individual Education Plan). Your child may also be part of a group which receive additional support. These groups run during the school day and give your child extra practice at whatever skill they need.

To further support your child we also plan to give the children opportunities to try various sports and activities that they may not otherwise have the chance to do. We strive to help them find activities and skills they can thrive at, which helps boost their confidence in different areas of the curriculum and increases their self-esteem.

The SEND Trustee is Mr. Andrew Mercer. Andrew is a qualified teacher and an autism advisor for the county. His role is to monitor and challenge the SEND provision within the school to ensure it is of the highest standard. Andrew carries out regular monitoring visits to the school and produces reports submitted to the governing body.

School Nurse – 01208 834600
Hearing Support Team – 01726 61004
Vision Support Team – 0300 1234 101
Educational Psychologist – 01208 262845
County Autism Team – 01736 336819
National Autistic Society (NAS) – 07901 103351
Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy – 01872 254531 (Treliske)
Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy – 01209 213927 (Curnow Hub)
Speech and language – 01208 834600
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) – 01872 221400
Cornwall Dyslexia Service – 0300 1234 101 Email – dyslexia@cornwall.gov.uk

Cornwall Dyslexia Association – 01872 274827
Behaviour Support Service – 01872 323924
Epilepsy specialist nurse – 01872 253128
Dietician – 01209 213927
The Wave project – 01872 248322
Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme CAAP – 07904026647
Dreadnought – 01209 218764
Oasis group, Troon – 01209 614759
SENDIASS (Formerly Cornwall Parent Partnership Service) – 01736 751921
Family Support
Early Support – Ravena Jelbert, Early Support Co-ordinator (West) – 01736 336660
SCOPE – 0808 800 3333


This is not an exhaustive list but a selection of services that we regularly work with and those recommended by parents. If you can suggest other useful services please do let us know so we can add them to the website for others to access. For a more extensive list of services please visit the Family Information Service Website or ring them for more information and advice – 01872 323 535