Outdoor learning & Residentials

We love the outdoors!

Our curriculum is expansive. It is intended to teach knowledge that prepares children for life growing up in Cornwall but aspirations that reach far beyond our shores. For example: children living next to the sea should learn how to enjoy this resource safely, but also appreciate that growing up in one of Britain’s urban centres is bound to be quite a different experience than their own. At TLA we aim to provide that wide lens view of Britain and the world and a focussed lens on what really matters for them here in Cornwall. 

We love the outdoors! At Trevithick, outdoor learning begins in the Early Years and KS1 at our “Venture Centre” Forest School and Beach school. It continues with children gaining enough knowledge and skills to survive a challenging bushcraft camp in Year 6. Our Venture 60 outdoor challenges drive our outdoor curriculum. Residential trips expand children’s knowledge further. Visits to Bristol, Manchester and London all broaden the scope of the educational experience children get at TLA. We start as we mean to go on! Every year begins with Learning to Learn week; an action packed adventurous week with the sole purpose of having fun, re-establishing friendships and learning a bit more about ourselves and the way we learn best. Years 3-6 all spend a night in the wild. There’s no better way to start the year than campfires and camping with your friends.